Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)- Beast/B2st

This is a great MV. Not the usual style this group puts out, but I like it.

Lyrics: 5/5
The lyrics have a new approach that is very refreshing. They aren’t about loosing someone you love (well, not entirely) and all that jazz. The song tells a kind of story. You don’t know how this couple separated, but the guy feels really strong regret. The song begins when the singer’s friend came to him and asked if he could date the guys ex. The singer said fine, he didn’t care, the relationship was dead. The song is partly a message to the friend asking him to take care of the girl and saying what she likes or doesn’t like, the other part is a message to the girl begging her to say no, that she still loves him.
Oh girl/ oh can’t you see/ I’m still loving you/ still my heart cannot let you go/ Say no, no, no, no ,no!/ say no, no, no, no, no!/ Say that it can’t be/ that in your heart you’re still waiting for me/ say no

Dancing: NA
There is no dancing in this MV, which is actually unusual for Beast.

Story: NA
You see the members standing in various places during a storm, but you don’t really get any story beyond the lyrics.

Other Interesting Things
This MV proves something about Beast that hasn’t been revealed before. Something that can only be revealed through a song with no dancing: they really suck at lip sync~ The expressions don’t match the audio from the song and it’s really just not working. Each guy has a shot where his look is great, but then it kind of looks awkward, like too long of a solo shot.

There is no dancing in this song, but one guy tries, bless his heart. It’s just not working well though, one guy dancing with only small arm movements. Another is doing pretty well, but he keeps falling to his knees and his lip sync is one of the worst.

Ok, the cube chair is back, I don’t know if it is a Beast thing or if it is supposed to symbolize their company (Cube Entertainment). I mentioned this in my review of the “Shock” MV by Beast- this chair appears in every music video~ Even in this one, where it REALLY doesn’t fit. Every member is outdoor somewhere except for the one on the chair in the same dark basement we’ve seen before.

I don’t like the double shot of the members. What I mean is when you see one member in the foreground, then a copy of that member in the background. It really doesn’t work.

Most awkward member award goes to Yoseob (the blond one in the field). His lip sync is not working, and he really doesn’t know what to do with his hands in solo shots- so he keeps doing the one where he hits his chest. I think a song like this needed a story to go with it, since the members don’t seem comfortable with these solo shots and no choreography.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this song, but the video is kind of awkward. They don’t look comfortable at all with this.

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