Announcement- Weirdness

Ok, I’m trying to download Hangeng’s new MV to review for all of you, but for some reason my YouTube downloader won’t let me. It works for any other video, but for some reason won’t download that one from ANY YouTube channels. I’m trying to get that fixed…

Just wanted to let you know I *am* going to review that MV some time. If I don’t get the downloader fixed I’ll just have to (shiver) review it without downloading it (downloads help me keep track of what I’m doing)…

I’ve never had this problem with the software before, and I still highly recommend the program I’m using. It is just this MV it does not like for some reason…

If you would like to download the software I have it is free and I’ve never had any problems with viruses or alerts or any of that. It updates pretty regularly and I absolutely love it. Here is the link to where I got mine.

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