Bang!- After School

Uh~ I can only sigh looking at this MV. After what I think was a brilliant run with “No Ttaemune (Because of You)” they came out with this new song…

Lyrics: 1/5
This song feels like a rookie group’s song, not a group like After School. The song has no content, and they say their group name seriously like thirty times. It’s made to be a cheer song, and it sounds more like one than an actual song. The only point where it actually sounds like a song is in the bridge. Otherwise it is repetitive and annoying. The lyrics that aren’t part of the chorus are disjointed and confusing. The beat is nice, but the song has no depth. If a group came out with this song as a rookie they wouldn’t make it past their first single.
We are After School~up/ All of you, step aside/ check it out/ take it all/ aha aha aha/  right now/ oh~ After School up/ Everyone go crazy/ scream/ Again like this/ aha aha aha/  T.R.Y. Do it now/ can you follow me?/ Yes, un-hun!/ T.R.Y. pick it up!/ You’ll never catch me/ oh~no!

Dancing: 2/5
The dance is more of a cheer too. You don’t see much of it in the MV, mostly it is just walking and bouncing. Some of the movies are really annoying (the bounce one at the beginning), but some look good. I just really can’t get past the annoying lyrics…

Story: NA
There is no story in this MV.

Other Interesting Things
I’m starting to learn more about After School finally. I honestly like their other songs, but this one is just awful. It isn’t them, it’s the lyrics.

There are some shots I like, such as when it cuts between them dancing in blue and red.

I really don’t understand the model walk they do, it makes no sense.

So After School lost one of their original members and replaced her with two new members. This MV is the last in the promotions from the CD with the new members. Now before their third CD they are adding a 9th member… This group seriously needs to settle or they will be left in the dust of the other girl groups.

I hope when After School eventually comes back they have a decent song. I really don’t like this song. It’s annoying and doesn’t showcase member’s talent at all.

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