Evacuate the Dance Floor- Cascada

This MV is a good example of what I consider to be a lethal fault of English music videos: with a bit more effort it would actually be original. It seems like a lot of English artists stop short of their potential and stay with what is easy.

Lyrics: 1/5
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, but it is purely a dance song for clubs. There is no content to the lyrics, but a strong beat. The song is just about being in a club and the music exhausting everyone with it’s pace.
Evacuate the dance-floor/ I’m infected by the sound/ stop, this beat is killing me/ hey Doctor DJ let the music take me underground/ evacuate the dance-floor/ I’m infected by the sound/ stop, this beat is killing me/ hey Doctor DJ come bring things back on to the ground

Dancing: 0/5
This is one of those extra steps Cascada could have taken to make this MV stand out. She dances on her own too much to ignore it in the MV, and you can tell she has no choreographer. Her dance is just barely above Disney standards (stand still and kind of wiggle your arms). And she does a lot of nodding. I think if a choreographer had been brought in to actually work on the piece it would make it more visually interesting. Cascada is a good singer, but her dancing leaves a LOT to be desired. Especially with a song like this I think it wouldn’t have been tough to choreograph her.

Story: NA
There is no story in the lyrics or in the video.

Other Interesting Things
Like I said with the dancing: this is a visually dull music video. The set is extremely simple, for the most part it is solo shots of Cascada and some shots of people jumping up and down in a club-like setting. Really it looks exactly like all her other MVs to the point where you wonder if they filmed in the same place with the same extras and everything.

Cascada could be huge if she went just a couple of extra steps. Her voice is good, and she has the hook of being a mature singer, not some teen or girl in her early 20s. She needs choreography and a decent music video Director. The shots are kind of simple and the ones that make it interesting are marred by the dull set. So that is Cascada’s key to success: a choreographer and a new director. Put some story in that MV or, if that can’t be done since it’s a dance song, get a different set.

I personally would have gone for more blacks, greens, and blues, with some purple thrown in. There is a LOT of red in this MV. They should have filmed at an actual club, or even a few different ones to vary the shots a bit. The set they use is more of a mansion party. All of the dancers are in shades of black, they seriously need some color in this thing (other than red!).

  1. #1 by Joe on July 27, 2010 - 4:51 am

    I agree with 90% of your comments except
    1. The singer imo has no talent! The voice is autotuned!
    2. Cascada (3 of them) are German not English.

    This song & video are a cheap, a very cheap version of what GaGa is doing

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