Forever- Chris Brown

I love this MV, and this song is absolutely spectacular.

Lyrics: 8/5
The song is a love song, pure and simple. It’s about meeting the woman you love on the dance floor and trying to attract her. As the song progresses it is about time having passed (they mention “we are older now than ever”, I’m not sure if that is supposed to be time passing or what) and the love growing with it. It has a sense of time not existing so long as they are together because they are “Forever on the dance floor”. Anyone who likes strong beats and romantic lyrics will love this song. The song is just brilliant, I totally love it.
It’s like I waited my whole life/ for this one night/ it’s gonna be me, you and the dance floor/ cause we’ve only got one life/ double your pleasure, double your fun/ and dance forever-ever/ all around forever-ever/ forever-ever, forever-ever/ forever, forever-ever/ forever, ever/ forever-ever/ forever on the dance floor

Dance: 5/5
Finally! An English MV with dance! And Chris Brown isn’t bad at all. The dance follows the beat and is very slick, not much jumping around, it’s powerful and smooth. There are a couple of moves that are kind of odd, but overall it’s a great dance. Very romantic (like the lyrics). I don’t know if he choreographed it himself, or brought someone in to do that, but it looks great.

Story: 4/5
There isn’t much of a story in the background shots. We see Chris Brown meeting the girl, trying to attract her with his dance even after she leaves the club (he follows her) and then him jumping off the roof of a building after the girl, who fell or jumped or something.

Other Interesting Things:
Visually I think this is the best English MV I’ve seen in a long time. I love the song and the video tells a story that follows the lyrics very well, it isn’t distracting or confusing.

I LOVE the camera work in the early club scene when Chris Brown sees the woman he falls in love with. The other couples in the club flash in and out of existence, like the singer can’t notice anyone beyond the girl.

I really love their decision to shoot in a warehouse. It gives the feeling that he is confessing his love to the girl in a private place where he can set up a show. Shots also suggest that this place is where he first met the girl, when a club existed there.

I really like the costumes on the backup dancers, very slick ^^

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