SuperGirl- Super Junior- M

Don’t make that face, I just sat through reviewing 4 English MVs in a row, I’m going back to the style I like more- foreign ones!

Lyrics: 5/5
Chinese Version
I like this song~ and it didn’t get a point off for being about secretly being in love with your friend because the beat is faster and it is more aggressive. The song is, like I said, a confession to a friend who you love. It isn’t sappy though, it’s a fast dance-style song. It kind of has the feeling of an argument, like the singer is almost angry that the girl hasn’t noticed how badly her boyfriend treats her. It points out things he has done wrong and says they will make sure to treat her as the amazing woman she is.
Sometimes when you think of the flowers he gave you/ throw them, quickly throw them away/ and that charming smile of his/ forget about it, quickly forget about it/ his gentleness will still make you go crazy/ wake up, quickly wake up/ good things about you are full of mystery/ please let me keep them as a secret/ oh my super girl/ you are my baby girl/ he can’t see your beauty/ the charm behind your ordinary self/ oh my super girl/ I am your super man/ the look in your eyes fascinates me/ I am willing to do anything for you.
Korean Version
The Korean version is similar in lyrics, but a little stronger. It says the man is cheating on her and calls him a “jerk” for how he treated the girl and how she should never beg him for love. It says he “gives jewels instead of affection” and talks about how anyone who doesn’t love her is a fool. The Korean version is more like how the argument progressed, as it sounds a little more angry at the man than the Chinese version.
Leave that jerk (leave him leave him)/ Learn to appreciate yourself more (now learn, learn)/ before love, you come first (I will get it, get it)/ if later he dwells in self pity, well it was his fault/ oh my super girl/ you are simply my baby girl/ the guys who don’t appreciate you are stupid/ oh my super girl/ for you I’m Superman/ don’t stay trapped inside his prison of love

Dancing: 6/5
I love the dance for this song, it’s fast and together. There are some simple areas added so the fans could keep up, and I think overall it was a brilliant move.

Story: 5/5
It’s rare for an MV to have a solid story playing in the background, and I think this was a first for Super Junior- M. The story playing is about a guy who is a total dork (white shirt, bow tie, suspenders, thick glasses, and side-parted hair). One day he hears a party going on at a neighbors apartment and decides to join. He goes around having fun filming the cool guys at the party (Super Junior M members excluding leader Hangeng, who plays the dork) having fun. He sees and falls in love with a girl in a red dress, who is detached from the fun as she is always sadly looking at her cell phone or standing on her own (she is played by SNSD member Jessica). He tries to film her too, but she pushes him away. Upset, the geek leaves and changes into a cooler image. He returns, gets everyone to dance with him (they are doing a more informal version of the SuperGirl choreography) and uses the dance to attract the attention of Jessica and make her happy. It sounds kind of shallow, that he had to change completely to get her to notice him, but it still fits well with the story in the lyrics.

Other Interesting Things
I really love what the director did as far as the story in the background. Like I pointed out earlier: the lyrics between the Chinese and Korean version are a little different, with the Korean version taking a more aggressive stance. However, the story fits perfectly with both versions. For that the director gets major points.

Another thing I love in this is the shots. There are normal stable shots, or shots that spin around, but some of the zooms are really cool. You’d have to watch to see, but I really like the overall style.

There are a couple of areas where members expressions kind of flatline or look like they are concentrating too much, but for the most part they work. The members also seem to differ on their opinion of how long they need to hold their hands out for the “learn to appreciate yourself more” bridge (when the leader is changing from dork to cool guy), so it’s a little disjointed there, but otherwise it’s good.

The promotions for this song were cut short by leader Hangeng’s lawsuit against SM Entertainment, and it is a real shame, I would have liked to see more of the group. With this song, however, they did their first (and so far only) appearance on Korean television, having been guest judges in an episode of “Star King”.

Chinese Version

Chinese Version With English Subtitles

Korean Version

Korean Version English Subtitles

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