Announcement- Learn to Love the Menu

Some of you might be like me- when you go to a blog you just scroll through the new posts and read the ones that are interesting to you. Well, I’m about to start a MASSIVE round of reviews. Since for some reason the entire review shows on here (on other blogs just the first half or so appears, the rest is hidden unless you want to see it…) there is going to be a lot to sift through. Plus I don’t really follow logical orders, I kind of go where I want in my arsenal of media. Anyways, you can see what you want over on the menu to the right and narrow the search down. Just a note: “Reviews by Artist” are only connected to Music Videos, not rants or anything. So if there is anything you want to read specifically, you can just use the menu to weed out the other posts.

There are two reasons I’m doing this huge review round (which will be mostly music videos), these are not necessarily in order of importance:

Reason 1) I just got a new laptop. Those of you who know me know how much I love laptops! I’ve been doing most of my reviews from my desktop (which is pretty amazing and I’m going to miss it, see Reason 2 for an explanation on why) but I don’t think computer chairs are particularly comfortable, so I pretty much do reviews until my back hurts and I get tired of sitting there. Now that I have a laptop I can lie on my bed with the computer on my knees, which I my favorite ^^

Reason 2) I’ve only got a few weeks left to update before I will be taking a break from reviews for an unknown period of time (probably a month or so, maybe even longer). I want to leave you all with as many reviews as possible. The reason for this is not a sad one, and even though it means I can’t update I am ultra excited about it. In three weeks I am moving to Wonju, South Korea where I will study Korean language, history and culture as well as world cultures for 10 and a half months. It is a study abroad and I am completely excited for this! I am going to be an “American language and cultural Ambassador” for the University. Those of you who know me know I did not expect to be accepted into this when I applied, and I actually applied for the spring, not this fall, but why would I complain?!?!?!?!?!

I’m going to Seoul a week early with my mother to explore and have some fun before I go to Wonju, and I might stop in then to say “hi”. One thing I’m super excited about is that I have tickets to SM Town Live ’10 in Seoul. That is a mega-concert hosted by SM Entertainment and will feature ALL SM artists. I’ll get to see BoA, Kangta, Yunho and Max of DBSK, TRAX, Super Junior, SNSD, F(x) and SHINee live in concert! I’ll definitely review that, but that is also why I’m going to make a point of reviewing SM Entertainment groups ^^

So that is why you need to learn to love the menu, because there are seriously going to be tons of reviews here before I go. I’ll keep reviewing when I’m in Korea, but it will probably be a while before life cools enough for me to remember to do anything. I’ll stop by and check to see what you are searching for and any comments you make, but I won’t be posting new reviews for a time. Every 6-10 reviews I’ll try to post an Announcement with a list of what I just did and the tags, so you can just check Announcements then see where to go from there.

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