Baby Baby- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls Generation

I think at some point every group does an informal MV for their fans, and this is SNSD’s.

The song is about wanting to confess to someone how much you love them and about how much they have done for you. The song is very cute and child-like. Part of it is the confession itself, while part is telling the boy he has to accept their heart because they love him. Before you think it: I know the English translation is kind of awkward, it’s a clean song, I promise.
Please baby baby baby/ you are inside me/ you came in so deep/ afraid you might see/ my bashful confession/ baby baby baby/ going to you cautiously/ in a small voice I will only let you hear

Dancing: NA
You don’t actually see any dancing that goes with this song specifically, I’ll explain in the “Story” part.

Story: NA
There isn’t a story to this MV. It is an informal music video for SNSD’s fans, who shot them to fame in a truly remarkable span of time (Within a year they were among the top groups in Korea and are known as the “Living Legends” of girl groups, even though they are only 3 years old). The music video is compiled with behind the scenes shots from the music videos of “Into the New World”, “Girls Generation”, and “Kissing You”. There are also shots of photoshoots and the backstage for their debut song. It is very informal and cute.

Other Interesting Things
Like I’ve been saying, it isn’t a normal music video, so I can’t really say anything here. It is shots of SNSD working together and having fun from before their debut to the filming of their first three music videos.

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