Bad Oppa- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls Generation

This is only sung by members Jessica, Seohyun and Tiffany. A translation note: the word “oppa” is a Korean term girls use to refer to boys older than them. It translates to “older brother”, but it is used for brothers and elder male friends. In the English subbed MV they use the word “Unni”, that is pretty much the same as “oppa”, except it is what a korean girl uses to refer to an elder girl. Literally it means “Big sister”, but the alternative is “Auntie”, which refers to MUCH older women (like 10+ years), so that is why it translates to “woman”.

The English subbed MV is also set to Karaoke, meaning it highlights the words they are saying. In Korean the word order is different than English, that is why the words are highlighted in reverse of how they are said in English.

Good god this song is depressing! Seriously, emotionally unstable people shouldn’t listen! It is about being desperately in love with a man, and he knows they are, but yet he will not go out with them or give them a chance. It is a slow and mournful song, ballad style. I love sad songs though so this one is really good, but it is severely depressing, just a heads up.
Is it that hard to eat with me once?/ you said you forgot her/ you said you’re alone/ then why are you meeting her?/ Am I still not it?/ Am I still not enough?/ just trust me once/ I could do better

Dancing: NA
This song was shot specifically for something, I can’t remember if it was an OST or an advertisement, but there is no dancing.

Story: NA
No story beyond the lyrics, sorry. The words lend themselves to a really good story, but I think the decision to have only solo shots of the three conveys the emotion of the song better than a story would.

Other Interesting Things
There are no sets for this MV. The members sang in front of a green screen and the backgrounds are very simple, and either pink, orange or green. They are very light and simple, no bright colors, and no sharp lines. Each member is wearing a simple white dress on top of all this, so it is a very light MV, which makes it sadder somehow~

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