Chocolate Love- F(x)

I could have sworn I reviewed and F(x) MV before this, but I guess I was wrong. I love this group and I’ve been a fan since they debuted almost a year ago. Right out of the gate they were named spokespeople for the LG Chocolate phone, and this MV was made specifically to advertise the phone. This is the Dance Remix, with the other version having been performed by sister group So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girl’s Generation. The song gained surprising popularity, and they performed it at numerous venues even when not promoting the phone specifically. It even overshadowed the SNSD version (Le Gasp!)

Like I said, this song is meant to advertise the phone, so the lyrics can’t really be described.
I got you babe~/ I call it, I call it chocolate love/ I want you/ I want to keep you/ sweet sweet oh Chocolate love

The dance by F(x) and the dance by SNSD are different. F(x)’s version of the song and the dance tend towards sexy while SNSD has always held the cute image. The dance is very cool and simple.

Story: NA
It has no story, it is basically a long commercial

Other Interesting Things
This is the first time in which SNSD and F(x) shared promotions for a song. During this time a lot of emphasis was put on the sister relationship of the groups (both were formed under SM Entertainment) as well as the real-life sistership of F(x) maknae (youngest member) Krystal and SNSD member Jessica. Between the SNSD and F(x) versions Krystal and Jessica were given the same solos.

I like the outfits for this song, but I don’t think Krystal’s hair looks very good when it is pulled up with the shiny red ribbon, it looks kind of 1920s flapper.

The sexy look for this song is extremely surprising for this group. Considering all the members save the leader were around 17 or 16 the sexy look is definitely unusual. However, the rock-like beat of the song suits F(x) style much more, so maybe that is where the decision came from.

The F(x) version begins with some shots from SNSD’s version and vice versa. I just wanted to let you know so you weren’t confused.

Shortly after debut F(x) was invited to perform at the Cannes International Film Festival.They performed an English version of this song, however it was not before a film crew so I have no  idea how it sounds. There are fan recordings of the performance, but you can’t hear anything over screaming and cheering.

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