Chu~<3 – F(x)

This is more of F(x)’s usual style. The MV was released on the tail of “LaChaTa” and both songs brought the group great popularity.

Chu~<3 (Typing all that is annoying, so I’m just going to call it Chu even though the ~ and the ❤ are part of the title) is the sound that appears in comics or TV as a kiss. The song is about wanting to kiss the boy you love. It is telling him to get his butt in motion and kiss the girl.
Just like the girl who woke up from her sleep due to a kiss/ do it do it chu~/ it’s true true true it’s you/ even if I open my eyes in an entirely different space and time/ do it do it chu~/ it’s true true true it’s you/ I trust my trembling heart/ oh please open the doors of reality for me/ do it do it chu~/ it’s true true true it’s you/ do it do it chu~

The dance is very simple to reflect the innocent nature of the song. It is cute and matches the lyrics very well.

Um, there isn’t really a story in the background. I hesitate because some of the group shots take place in an apartment where the members are supposed to be living together, and the member shots kind of feel like the song is a conversation they are having in their home about how it would be to kiss a guy, but it isn’t strong enough that I can honestly say it is a story of it’s own and not just a set.

Other Interesting Things
I don’t really like the costumes. Well, that’s not true, I don’t really like *Amber’s* costume. For LaChaTa she had the image of being a tomboy, and indeed many fans thought initially she *was* a boy. Here the costume was too shiny and overdone. I think they were considering giving her a more sexy image and more feminine, like the other members, but since then Amber has gone back to the tomboy style. In fact, she sticks to it so closely that fans were excited when she was seen wearing low heels once (I am a member of a fan forum and saw this news, I laughed a lot at that, OMG A GIRL IS WEARING HEELS!).

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