Dancing Out- Super Junior

I like this song, it is very upbeat and cool~

The song is not really a confession of love to a girl, but it is just about being with them and being in love. It talks about wanting to run through fields with them and wanting to “fly like a bird”. It’s a very bright and happy song.
Come, run wildly with me/ race on that field/ yell as loud as you can/ at the top of a mountain/ don’t stop in this incredible world/ I’m alive/ together dancing out on the edge

The dance is very lite and cute. I wish they had performed it live a few more times, I this this song has some of my favorite choreography for the group, but they didn’t promote it for very long unfortunately (I’ll explain later).

No story here. They filmed the music video in Malaysia, and the scenery is great!

Other Interesting Things
This is the only song I know of in which an SM Entertainment group said the company name. The reason is that this song did not appear on a Super Junior CD, but on an SM Town summer album. For those of you who didn’t catch my explanation of this in Rant #7, SM Town is the name of all artists under SM Entertainment. You can think of it as any singer who is with SM Entertainment is part of their band AND SM Town. Each summer they film group music videos and record a special album together. While this song features only Super Junior members, it is part of the SM Town promotions.

Like I mentioned earlier this song was hardly performed live. It was released summer of 2006. Not long after promotions started (a month or so) member Heechul had his car accident and member Donghae’s father died. The rest of promotions for this song were delayed, and stopped entirely with the 2007 car accident. If you want the details of that you can check out Rant #1.

This was the last music video Super Junior filmed with all 13 members before the Don’t Don controversy started, so some of the subbed versions are already marked as “Only 13”. The only one I can find that isn’t marked is EXTREMELY difficult to read. This one is too, but at least the subber did not use white text on the already light background… Anyways, it is by “Only 13”, and there is a mark of that at the end, so you are going to have to deal with that…

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