Full of Happiness- Super Junior

This is a remake of the famous H.O.T. music video. While for the most part H.O.T. existed before music videos were uploaded to YouTube regularly you can still find an unsubbed version of it online, I will include the link after the regular and subbed version.

The song is telling a girl how they love them and saying the girl brings them nothing but happiness. It talks about meeting the girl, and both are shy because they love one another so much. It is a very upbeat and happy song.
The time came for us to meet/ you are in front of me/ crying with nervousness/ I dried your tears/ then I held your hand/ I’m going to rise/ and give you, whose been with me/ happiness/ with my eyes, I long for you/ in my heart, I’ve found you/ I can see the light that brightens me/ I can’t let go of the eternal happiness/ can you see me?/ call my name I’m by your side/ I will say “I love you”/ lets be together/ you and me, forever

The choreography is very upbeat and cute. It is slightly reminiscent of H.O.T.’s original version, and some of the moves may even be taken directly from it. The pace of the two songs is different, so it is kind of hard to tell.

There is no story to the MV. It shows the members hanging out together and preparing for something. They do their hair and makeup, work out, pick out clothes, and start drawing signs. At the end of music video you see they were preparing for a special fan event: free hugs. The members gather together in the street and hold out their “Free Hugs” signs. The music video really just has a lot of shots of them practicing their hugs (that is what the workout group was doing).

Other Interesting Things
The MV is just really cute and upbeat. For the choreography the members were each paired with one another. In the music video you see many trios, but you can still tell who is part of which duo, as they tend to stick close together.

This is the last music video before the Don’t Don issues started, so the subber is again an “Only 13” (I think it might be the same person who subbed Dancing Out).

This song was remixed from the original H.O.T. version (H.O.T. is the first group released by SM Entertainment, they disbanded formally in 2005 before SJ debuted) and dedicated to Super Junior’s ELF fanbase. The song is meant to be a kind of “Thank-you” for the fans continued support through the car accidents and delays in the second album. The song was promoted by the original 12 members until preparations for Don’t Don resumed.

To date three music videos have been specifically filmed for the fans to thank them for their support. The first was “Miracle”, then this one, and most recently “No Other”.

And, as promised, the original version

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