Gee- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls’ Generation

This song is legendary. It is really amazing how much popularity it gained! SNSD, who were already extremely popular before it’s release, gained even more fans with this song. It is *still* winning them awards and is at the top of charts. Think of it as the “Sorry, Sorry” of SNSD (same songwriter in fact).

The song is about wondering if they should confess to the boy they love. It talks about their shyness and their nervousness around the boy. The lyrics are very cute and innocent.
What do I do about my trembling heart?/ my heart kept thumping/ so I couldn’t fall asleep at night/ I guess I’m a fool/ A fool that knows only you/ Yes when I look at you/ so bright so bright my eyes are blinded/ no no no no no/ so surprised surprised I’m shocked/ oh oh oh oh oh/ so exciting exciting my body is trembling/ gee gee gee gee gee/ your glittering eyes/ this sweet aroma

I think, just like with Sorry Sorry, the dance is partly to blame for it’s intense popularity and it’s ability to get stuck in your head for a long time. The dance is extremely cute and it combines a lot of popular cute movements and gestures into the dance. Just watch it, you’ll see. Even though I am a girl I have to admit the dance is adorable.

Story: 2/5
Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable and I think it works perfectly with the music video, but if you watch the story for content you’ll realize it makes no sense whatsoever. The story starts out with Minho, employee of the month at a boutique, arranging 9 mannequins carefully before leaving work for the night. After he leaves the mannequins come to life. I think the song is supposed to be their love for the boy who has been taking care of him, as they are often swarmed around his picture on the wall. They spend the night wandering around the store and trying on different clothes to be cuter for him. They start to get back in place, but decide to leave. In the morning Minho returns to find the mannequins gone and sees their writing (Gee) all over the blackboard. He smiles and leans against the wall. See? you don’t notice when you are watching the video that it makes no sense.

Other Interesting Things
As I said directly above the story features future SHINee member Minho (they had not yet debuted at the time).

This song became infamous in Asia. I think a lot of the promotion for this song came maybe not from SNSD itself but from boy groups. The song’s cute nature and easy dance made it perfect for them to mimic and sing along to. I will write a Rant on it for the list of people who have mimicked it. There are seriously that many! See “Rant   #9- Gee”.

I like this music video. There is nothing complicated to it, it’s very simple and cute, like the song.

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