Jiggy- F.CUZ

This group has a really cute image, and this was their debut song. I like them a lot and can’t wait for more music videos to come out! Oh, and the name is pronounced “Focus”, it is the Korean pronunciation of what in English would be “F-CUZ”.

Lyrics: 5/5
The song is about moving on after having your heart broken. It asks if “Thinks like love are a luxury”. The song is not mournful, it is about finally reaching the point where their heart doesn’t yearn for the girl anymore. They now dance in front of the mirror and smile more often. The song talks about wishing they could see the girl again, not for romantic reasons, but because they want her to see just how happy they are without her.
I am not afraid/ I’m going to be happy in this moment/ don’t even look at anyone else/ Get get getting Jiggy, getting Jiggy/ Jiggy jiggy jiggy/ getting jiggy getting eee eee/ I won’t be lonely anymore/ I won’t cry by myself anymore/ jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy/ getting getting jiggy jiggy/ jiggy jiggy jiggy getting/ jiggy getting eee eee/ I’m just going to move to the step of my heart (jiggy)/ get get getting jiggy

Dance: 5/5
The dance is cute and lively, a lot if it is made up of kid-like dance moves to represent the overall happy nature of the MV.

Story: NA
There is no story beyond the lyrics to this MV.

Other Interesting Things
There are 2 versions of this MV. Version 1 is the “Cute Version” and features the members in brighter clothes and neon sets. Version 2 is the “Sexy Version”, which has the members in more grown up clothes on a gray set with female backup dancers. It has an overall older feel, though the dance is just as cute and the members don’t really look much different. It isn’t sexy at all. There is no difference between the dance of the two, just costume and sets.

F.CUZ has only 4 members. I say “only” because most boy bands have between 5 and 7. This was a good move. More members wouldn’t have added to their sound, it sounds pretty well rounded where it is and I like the group.

There is a shot in Version 2 that bothers me. It is during member Kan’s solo shot. He sings his line of the verse then jumps into his part of the chorus. The shot looks a little sloppy with his sudden change to the verse, I think they should have just cut it and let the shot end with the end of his solo.

While I was double-checking on Kan’s name to make sure I was getting it right I found a news article about F.CUZ from 2 days ago. Apparently they are working on their comeback, and every single member was hospitalized due to exhaustion. This is a very new group (I don’t think they have reached their first anniversary yet) and I’m very impressed by their dedication and how much hard work they are putting in. I hope they stick around for a long time and never change that attitude. You always hear about members of different groups being hospitalized for exhaustion, but this is the first time I’ve heard of every member being hospitalized.

I just found out there is a 3rd version of Jiggy, the Chinese Version. It is a totally different music video! I will review it separately after my downloader is fixed. ^^

This did not escape my notice: they said their company name in the beginning of the MV… -_-

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