Kissing You- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls’ Generation

Another ultra cute SNSD song. This one came early on in their career.

The song is typical SNSD- cute. It’s about wanting to walk with the boy you love and wanting to be with them. It is kind of like a confession of love, but I think a lot of it is later on in the relationship just letting them know you still love them.
We walk while matching our feet/ holding our hands/ I want to lean on your shoulder/ and tell you/ “Thank you, I love you/ I will only give you happiness”/ kissing you, oh my love/ tomorrow you are lying next to me in the warm sun/ When I sing you a love song you smile/ the sweet and happy words/ “I love you”

Again, typical SNSD cuteness. It is a very light dance and very cute.

There isn’t much of a story to the music video , it is just cute

Other Interesting Things
Ok, brilliant casting here! You may have noticed the boy in the song, and he might look familiar. That is Super Junior member Donghae. His cute image fit the song perfectly and the shots of him just goofing off with the members was great. He really fits well with SNSD here. But his appearance also promotes Super Junior, as some of those dances he does are from Super Junior songs. Fans will immediately pick up on the hip thrust from “U” (it was a famous part of the dance that carried over into the Super Junior M version) as well as the stomp from “Don’t Don”. Don’t believe me? Watch those Super Junior music videos then watch his dance again.

The song was performed with the members holding over-sized candy, just like in the MV, it keeps their cute image and kind of stuck them under it until “Run Devil Run”.

Ok, I really like the style of this music video… Except Hyoyeon’s hair. For those of you who don’t know the names she is the one with the horrible pigtails. Seriously, I don’t know where that hairstyle came from~

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