LaChaTa- F(x)

This was the debut music video of F(x), and is one of their most popular songs among Nu ABO and Chu~<3

The song is unusual in it’s content. There is a meaning to the title, as LaChaTa is a shortened form of a Korean phrase, but I can’t find anywhere what it stands for or what it represents. I just remember the members saying it in an interview once… Oh well. The song is not a message to a boy or a love song, it is just a happy song telling people to follow the dance.
That’s it, it’s all ready/ now everybody says/ La La like this Cha~/ Cha cha on ah~/ we’re enjoying this/ LaCha LaCha ta ta/ follow our song/ follow our bodies too/ now everybody/ it’s so easy/ everyone is doing good baby~

Since the song is about following the dance and having fun this part is important, right? Well the dance is great. It was choreographed to be easy to follow and fit the beat well, so that fans could dance along with it.

There is no story beyond the lyrics, but I think the set they used REALLY helps define the lyrics more. It is filmed to look like an old theatre, with a member on stage and the other members in different corners of the theater that match their style. The image of a theatre really fits the song, as though you came to the theatre to have fun and dance.

Other Interesting Things
This was, as I already said, the debut of F(x). It was a strong sound to come in with and it helped secure their place at the top of the minor explosion of new groups (T-ARA, 4 Minute, Secret) who all debuted around the same time. I really love this song, it is my favorite by F(x) and the MV is perfect for it.

You may recognize leader/car driver Victoria. She was a guest before debut in such music videos as SHINee’s debut “Noona is So Pretty (Replay)” and Super Junior- M’s debut “U”.

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