Man Man Ha Ni (Am I That Easy?)- U-Kiss

This song marked U-Kiss’ newest member Kiseop’s debut. IT is the groups most popular song to date (and the first song I ever heard by them). Fans of Xing will recognize First Generation members Kibum (Marumir) and Kevin.

The song is about being toyed with by a girl and finally getting sick of it. They ask “Am I that easy?” and talk about how tired they are of the girl treating them like nothing even though they have always been there for her. It’s an angry song, that’s for sure.
You just come around/ it’s loves final round/ that sly smile you always give/ it comes to my mind/ and makes me go crazy/ stop pestering me and leave me/ am I that easy to you?/ is love that easy for you?/ is our memory that insignificant?/ is everything that easy for you

The dance matches the angry tone of the song. The members look ready for a fight. The key point in the choreography is that which goes with “Am I that insignificant”. They raise their arms as though they are going to smack the girl and grab their shirts.

There is no story in the MV. The whole thing was filmed on a darker stage made to look like an alley. It really works well with the song.

Other Interesting Things
They don’t say their company name, but they do say “Brave Sound”. That would be the name of the composers of the song, which I count as being just as annoying as when the company name appears. Brave Sound is a famous composer also known as “Brave Brothers”, even though it is just one man.

I like the styles the members have in this MV. Kevin finally manages to look something other than cute, though new member Kiseop looks like he would be the eldest, even though he is one of the younger members. I don’t like Alexanders puffy hairstyle, but the costumes look brilliant!

I personally think Kevin’s voice doesn’t usually fit with the other members voices. His voice tends strongly towards the slow ballad type, and he usually stands out in a song. However, in his one he actually fits in much better. I think it was a good move giving most of the solos to other members.

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