Marry U- Super Junior

This is the last song Super Junior promoted as 13 members. It is also the first song of it’s type to be released by an idol group.

The lyrics are a marriage proposal. I know, that is really usual. I warned you it was different. But that is all the song is- a proposal. The lyrics talk about how they will take care of the girl, and how they will stay forever with her and love her. They say they have already prepared the ring, and the rap talks about watching the girl walk down the isle in a white dress. It asks that whatever happens they will love one another, and ends “Will you marry me”.
For a lifetime I’ll be by your side (I do)/ loving you (I do)/ cherishing you through the snow and the rain (I do)/ I’ll protect you, my love

Ok, there is a dance to this, but you will only see it in live performances. The MV has some of the group part of the dance, but you can’t really see them.

Story: ???/5
There is kind of a story in the background? I really don’t know.  It is beyond abstract. You see the girl in various areas, then watching them perform, then with an engagement ring nodding after the “Will you marry me?”. Like I said, beyond abstract. I can’t even explain it, there is a very heavy mix of digital and human, the entire thing was filmed with a green screen.

Other Interesting Things
This is the first song that included member Kyuhyun throughout. He was still recovering from the car accident of 2007 which gave him 6 broken ribs, but he returned to his position of one of the lead singers of Super Junior.

This is mostly solo shots of the members, or trio shots with one member in the foreground and two in the back. I watched the “Making of” and there was a lot of difficulties due to the members having such long solo shots with such a romantic song. I just wanted to say that you can tell some members are really trying not to laugh, but the music video turned out well.

Seriously too much digital. I really don’t like this style. After this MV though SM Entertainment went back to normal directing styles. Abnormal isn’t bad, but they tried to tell a story with the abstract, and it just didn’t carry through well.

This song gained incredible popularity at (you guessed it) weddings. It is to weddings what Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” is to funerals. It was re-done in Chinese by Super Junior M.

The song is a proposal song, but it has become a song to express the relationship between Super Junior and ELF. At their first Super Show tour members turned their microphones out on the audience and the fans sang the song to them, bringing every member on stage to tears. Even through to their second Super Show tour the members have not danced to the song, they sit and sing to the audience, and it is not uncommon for members to take a break from singing due to crying.

The music video features SNSD member YoonA, who was also the lead girl in U.

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