Me- Super Junior- M

This song was released with SJM’s “U” promotions, but it continued to gain popularity even during “SuperGirl” promotions.

The song is about loving someone and how wonderful it is to be with them. It is a song dedicated to Super Junior- M’s fans. the word “Me” in the song can be taken as meaning “Me” such as in English, or the Chinese 迷 , which is pronounced as “me” and means “fan” (as in a fanclub member, not the inanimate object). The song is very happy and upbeat.
I will quietly pray/ to see your smile once again/ It’s gonna be (迷) Me/ throw away your troubles and run/ It’s gonna be (迷) me/ listen to my real heartbeats/ pull you into my arms/ what is more important/ wonderful like a fairy tale/ it’s gonna be (迷) me/ want to tightly grab you/ it’s gonna be (迷) me/ the omen of happiness/ will be known the next second/ at least touch the wet edges of your eyes/ sleeping quietly next to me/ it’s gonna be (迷) me

The dance for this is very cute and easy. It starts with air guitars and pretty much holds the same attitude through to the end. It’s very light and cute.

There isn’t really a story to this MV. The members each find a giant letter and bring them together to spell “Super Junior M”, but it isn’t really a story so much as tricking the members into setting the set up themselves.

Other Interesting Things
This was filmed at the same time as “U”. I think it is the only time I’ve seen a group use the same costumes for two music videos. It was released only shortly after “U” and is still considered a debut music video, hence them spelling out the band name.

There is a Korean and Chinese version to this music video. The Korean and Chinese have no real differences in set, but when the members are in pairs the member dancing to the one singing changes moves between the two videos. You’d have to watch to understand.

Korean Version

Chinese Version

Korean Version With English Subtitles

Chinese Version With English Subtitles

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