Miracle- Super Junior

This song is technically by Super Junior 05, as it was released before SM Entertainment decided to make the group permanent.

The song is for the fans, pure and simple. It is about how meeting the girl of their dreams has opened their eyes to a happy world. The girl is their “Miracle”. Actually, the song isn’t meant to speak to one girl, but to all of ELF, Super Junior’s fanclub. The song is a thank-you to them for supporting the members so well.
When I first saw you (first saw you)/ A miracle (a miracle)/ I felt the miracle, it was you/ life couldn’t get better/ I’ll hold you in my arms and fly/ we’ll fly towards the blue moon/ I’ll kiss you when you’re sleeping/ life couldn’t get better/ open your heart and take my hand/ life couldn’t get better

The dance for this song is among the cutest SJ has ever done. It is meant to be a happy song and the dance is cute for the fans.

There is no story to this music video. You see the Super Junior 05 members on their bus going to a stage where they will perform for the fans. Other shots are of the group together goofing around or dancing. It is a more informal music video.

Other Interesting Things
The members of Super Junior used to travel not by vans (as they do now), but by bus. SM Entertainment leased a bus to carry the members and managers and other staff. The bus was painted with the members pictures and the group name, like a rolling advertisement. You see the bus in the music video. Super Junior members joked during Don’t Don promotions that the lease expired and they don’t get their cool transportation anymore. They revealed on other programs that they used to have a car or two painted in a similar fashion.

This is still one of Super Junior’s popular songs. They perform it at each of their concerts (in Super Show 2 they remixed it) and it was included on Super Junior- M’s debut CD.

Miracle features mainly member Hangeng. This is a kind of make-up for the controversies that arose from the groups debut song “TWINS (Knock Out)”. I have not reviewed that music video yet, but when I do I will explain these issues. Anyways, there is a reason he is at the head of the dance and has the most solo shots in the MV.

It was not long after promotions for this song began that SM Entertainment announced they were adding Kyuhyun and discontinuing the generations of Super Junior- check out their Artist Profile for that story if you are confused. This is the last music video with Super Junior 05 before they changed their name.

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