My Destiny- Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Tohoshinki

Ok, so technically this is a Tohoshink MV and, as I explained in the Artist Profile for Dong Bang Shin Ki, they are two different groups. Also, it is in Japanese, not Korean. In my defense I have only 3 music videos in my whole collection that are Japanese, and I won’t create a whole new category for them. So I tagged the MV with the singers home country.

The song is about loosing the girl you love. No matter how they try to move on their hearts are still broken. The lyrics talk about wishing they could forget the girl, but they are just unable to. It is kind of your typical broken heart song. I really like it though.
You know that my heart’s beating for you/ Another way, another lie/ I believed in fate innocently/ but living without your love/ we had to go back/ but I still wanted to hold your hand/ with memories it’s fading, my destiny

There isn’t much dancing in this MV. Normally I would talk about how DBSK is a dance group that for some reason hardly dances in their MVs, but there is a reason this one is particularly void of group dances. As you might notice in the areas where a group dance is actually happening a member is missing. Member Jaejoong (the one leaning against the phone booth) either tore a ligament in his knee just before filming or got into a car accident. He was injured during the filming of two different music videos, I am not sure which injury went with this MV. That is also why there are group shots of the members sitting together- to include him.

There isn’t a story with this one. The members are each standing alone (well, two are in a church at the same time) and are singing while alone. One member makes no sense: Mickey. He is the one sitting alone in the room with a cane and hat and shadows rolling around him. Don’t get me wrong, that is my favorite shot, I just don’t understand it when it is compared to the other members shots, Mickey’s is the only abstract one.

Other Interesting Things
I really do like this song, and the music video is good when you realize they were trying to film with an unexpectedly injured member. The director probably got more than one headache from this, but it turned out well.

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