Neorago (It’s You)- Super Junior

OMG- the director of this MV has to be my favorite of all time. I’ll explain later though (I’m in total fangirl mode, he’s a genius!).

The song is about being in love. It says that no matter what happens they will love the girl, even if they are cursed by others for doing so. The tone of the song makes it sound as though the girl is unsure of their feelings though, as they need to explain to her that they only love her. The girl, it seems, has said she does not want to be with them, and they are trying to convince her to come back.
oh, whatever anyone anyone says/ it doesn’t matter to me/ oh, whoever whoever curses me/ I’ll only look at you/ Even when I’m born again/ It’s still only you/ tik tok tik tok, even as time goes by/ oh I, oh when you tell me you love me/ when you tell me thousands and millions of times/ even when my heart sets on fire/ my dry lips wear out/ even when I’m born again/ it’s still only you/ tik tok tik tok, even as time goes by, oh I

This song has a really great dance. I especially like the chest popping motion during “Only for you”. I think the choreography for this song is one of my favorites to watch.

This is where I’m in fangirl mode for the director. There is a dance only version of this MV, and a mixed version, but what I’m concerned with is the DRAMA VERSION. Let me just say woah~ The director filmed it as a massive one-shot music video. The members do not dance, each is acting out their own specific scenario. Some are writing letters to a girl, some waiting to meet her, some angry at being left, some trying to speak to her on the phone, one being dumped, and other scenarios. This is a FANTASTIC job! The members walk in and out of the shot, and the camera switches between them effortlessly. My film instructor at college mentioned a lot of one shots are actually fakes- the use a pole that comes between the camera and the actor as a way to break it into several shots and just splice them together there. This trick isn’t used here, the members stay in the shot at all times, and there is no moment where a cut can be made.

Other Interesting Things
In the Making Of for this MV members revealed a secret to filming: they would stare down one another while they were off camera and try to make the one being filmed laugh. This was a fun game for them, but if a member laughed it meant they all had to start over.

The only person who isn’t in the entire music video (be it story or dance version) is Heechul. He drives in on a motorcycle in the drama version and you can see him walk on near the end of the Drama version. The reason for this was revealed to be that Heechul had an operation to remove a large iron rod which held his leg together after his car accident back in 2006. He kept the rod, incidentally, and brought it to a recent Super Junior fanmeeting to show off.

Dance Version

Drama Version

Mixed Dance and Drama Version

Drama Version With English Subtitles

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