Nu ABO- F(x)

I think this is the last F(x) MV I have *sad face*

Nu ABO has the meaning of a new blood type. In Asia blood types are kind of like zodiac signs here. It is believed certain personality traits are held by people with the various types. Nu ABO is therefore to represent a new kind of person. The song is about just that- being the new blood type. The members sing about being unusual and falling in love.
Mystery mystery, unsure unsure/ up till now I am unsure/ basic basic love formulas/ people’s breakup formulas/ hysteric hysteric, different different/ I am so different/ my own way, my wishes/ good good Nu ABO/ na na na na na na na/ na na na na na na na na na na./ na na na na na na na/ na na na na na na na na Nu ABO

The dance is definitely not something you usually see. It is an unusual dance with almost none of the moves ones you find in most MVs. It’s unique to F(x)’s style and the song itself. The choreographer did a good job staying true to the meaning of the song and coming up with something never seen before.

There is no story to this MV. It was filmed at a studio made to look like a street in an American city. The set is unusual and I really like it.

Other Interesting Things
Ok, I have to admit it: when I first saw this MV I was wondering what the heck happened to F(x). I didn’t like the song and the new hairstyles were just bizarre. Since then though it has grown on me. I like it way better than the first time I saw it. The styles work very well and the song gets stuck in your head

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