Artist Profile- Super Junior K.R.Y.

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Super Junior K.R.Y. (from now on I’m just calling them KRY) is the first sub-group of the legendary Korean boy band Super Junior. It is comprised of vocalists Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Super Junior’s lead vocalist Yesung. The name KRY is an anagram of their names. It is read as “cry” and is a description of the groups purpose: to sing more emotional songs than Super Junior tends to favor.

Most of KRY’s work has been used for drama OSTs, but several songs per Super Junior CD are KRY featuring one or more other members.


KRY has actually not released any solo albums, and are the only sub-group to do so. The reason for this is that they were formed by SM Entertainment in late 2006 to early 2007. The group recorded and prepared to release their first solo album, but a car accident in April of 2007 left member Kyuhyun in critical condition in the hospital. In the accident he broke 6 ribs, fractured his hip, and had his lung punctured. He recently revealed he was given only a 20% chance of survival, and Doctors told his family and SM Entertainment he would not live, let alone sing again.

Fans of Super Junior will know that Kyuhyun recovered from the accident and returned to Super Junior with a highly diminished singing role 5 months later. As he recovered he was able to take on more vocals in songs.

Super Junior’s 4th album contains three songs by KRY which were to appear on the album canceled in 2007. Super Junior KRY still records the rare OST, but for the most part they sing songs featuring members of Super Junior for CDs and do not promote apart from Super Junior or Super Junior- M (which two members belong to). When KRY members sing with Super Junior they tend to sing featuring members Donghae, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk. Recently they have been holding several concerts apart from the main Super Junior group, but still bring with them Sungmin and Donghae.


Kim Jong Woon/ Yesung

Kim Jong Woon/ Yesung
The leader of KRY and lead vocalist, his stage name (given to him by SM Entertainment) means “Art-Like Vocals”. Yesung is the lead singer for KRY’s parent group, the 13 member Super Junior. He did not intend to audition for SM Entertainment to become a singer initially, as he felt his ability was not high enough. His mother asked him to come to Seoul with her to visit friends, and took him to SM Entertainment where she had filed an audition application for him. Needless to say he was accepted as a trainee. Yesung is known as the groups “charisma”, the same image he holds in Super Junior. His parts in programs are often edited out, which causes him much grief. Though he had a solo in Super Junior’s debut song “Twins (Knock Out)” he was never filmed on camera until 3 weeks after debut, in which he was given a 6 second solo shot. Later on, as Super Junior gained popularity, he was approached on the street by a scout for SM Entertainment who offered him the chance to become a trainee at the company, not realizing he was a trainee for several years and a debuted artist with the company. There was a short-lived scandal between him and a German newspaper, which mistakenly used his picture in an article about Kim Jong Un, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il’s son and heir. SM Entertainment demanded a retraction from the paper and the case avoided being taken to court for slander. He has a confirmed twitter account under the username “shfly3424”.


Before Kyuhyun’s addition to Super Junior Ryeowook had the image of being the Maknae (youngest member. In fact, he was never the maknae, as member Kibum is 2 months younger than him). He was asked to join SM Entertainment as a trainee after winning the Chin Chin Summer Music Festival. He joined SM Entertainment as a trainee and debuted as a member of Super Junior 2 months later. As a child he was overweight, and worked hard to loose that weight before debut. Since then he has continued to work out and loose weight to get in better shape. He is Super Junior’s lead tenor. Ryeowook admitted he was jealous of member Kyuhyun having no media scandals even so long after debut, and so in a program he turned to Kyuhyun and asked him to “stop watching so much porn”.  He had a long-time image of being the cute and innocent “Chef” of Super Junior who took care of members and insisted on cooking for them. Recently, however, the members have revealed his trickster nature. He has a twitter account under the username “Ryeong9”.


The maknae (youngest) of KRY. He was severely injured in a car accident in early 2007 when riding in a van with 2 managers and Super Junior members Shindong and Eunhyuk and leader Leeteuk, but has since recovered greatly, enabling him to return full-time to Super Junior activities. He was scouted by SM Entertainment after winning the Chin Chin Music Festival (the same festival member Ryeowook won, but Ryeowook won the year before him). Initially, he revealed recently, he was bullied by Super Junior members, particularly leader Leeteuk who he says hated him at first. He admitted that now he bullies them and has been able to speak to them informally (in Korean there is a separate formal language to be used with elders), get them to buy him meals and clothes. Leader Leeteuk said that of all the maknae’s in K-Pop Kyuhyun gets away with the most. He is known for being witty and playful on programs, though shy at the same time. Kyuhyun is also known for his obsession with video games. Members have said that even if it meant loosing an hour of sleep he would stay up to finish a game. He had a brief scandal when KRY member Ryeowook turned to him on a show and asked him to “not watch so much porn”. It was later revealed that Ryeowook said this as a prank. The song “Coagulation” on Super Junior’s 4th album was revealed to have been Kyuhyun’s solo song from the canceled album. When they decided to include it in “Bonamana” he requested all of K.R.Y. sing it together with him. At K.R.Y.’s recent Japan concert he revealed this as the reason the song is especially precious to him. He was the last member of KRY to get a twitter. His username is “GaemGyu”, after his longest lasting nickname GameKyu.

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