Bingeul Bingeul (Round and Round)- U-Kiss

I’m not reviewing Version 1 and Version 2. The only difference between them is the opening shot, they are the exact same thing.

The song is about being in love and going crazy because of it. They feel like they are being spun around by the girl. Only the girl can satisfy them and make everything stop spinning. It is also about being confused by the girl. Later on in the song they talk about her leaving them, but then it sounds as if the girl only is thinking of leaving, so I don’t quite know which is which.
Don’t leave me/ I definitely need you/ I just want you here baby/ right now now(yeah) now (yeah)/ I love you/ spin spin spin spin (around you)/ spin spin spin spin/ spin spin spin spin (today too)/ spin spin spin spin

I like this dance a lot more than Man Man Ha Ni. It’s more active and less stationary. The movements are bigger and look good. It’s definitely more interesting to watch.

No story in this MV. The set is a rotating one that looks cool. I can’t tell if the members are being turned or if the camera is or both or if the set is moving around them, but it looks good.

Other Interesting Things
New member Kiseop is finally looking his age, in “Man Man Ha Ni” he looked about 5 years older. He has no solos and is only the lead in the dance. I would like to see more even coverage of each member. If anything he should get more shots as the new member.

Ok, who wrote Eli’s rap?¬† BINGO AND EAGER DON’T RHYME. Eli pronounces them similarly to make it sound similar, but it still doesn’t make any sense. That is what bothers me with this song. If you have a rap it needs to be a good one.

A huge controversy boiled out of the promotions for this song when Fillipino DJ Mo Twister insulted the members styles and looks. I’ll explain it in “Rant #10- Watch Your Words”.

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