Dream of Being a Hero- Super Junior KRY

This is KRY’s only faster paced song, and it is actually kind of uplifting, not depressing like their normal songs. But I won’t hold that against them 😉

The song is about feeling lost and alone. They talk about suffering through trials and living with a closed heart, not letting their pain show. Despite this they choose not to be depressed, but to be the hero of their life. They say they are not worried about what pain they may encounter because of the one they love who is with them. Thanks to this person they could be happy again and have the strength to live well.
I am the hero of my life/ I’ll get up once again/ call to me like dreams that shine like jewels/ I’m the hero in a dream/ I will run until the end/ Now I’m not afraid/ because I have you by my side like this

This time you don’t see the members at all, let alone any dancing. Besides, they are KRY, who does not dance.

This is yet another OST, so the only story is for the show this MV belongs to.

Other Interesting Things
This song is much more upbeat than KRY’s usual stuff, it is a very good song, and it still holds the thought out and deep nature of their other songs.

The drama it belongs to is “Partner”, for those of you who are interested.

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