Rokkugo (Japanese Version)- Super Junior T

Like I said before, I’m reviewing the Korean and Japanese versions separately since there is absolutely no shots that are common and they were filmed at different times and locations.

The song is Japanese, that’s true, but I don’t have very many Japanese music videos, and I don’t follow any groups from Japan, so I’m filing it with the Korean music videos since the group is Korean. They did no promotions for this in Japan, so that is my defense.

Also, the MV features the duo “Moe Yan”. Just FYI, that’s the girls in the red and blue suits.

In this version you see “65” a lot. That is because “Rokkugo” is pronounced the same as the Japanese numbers 6 and 5. There are some lines that are similar between the two songs, but for the most part it has a different feel. While the song is disjointed like the Korean Version, verses sometimes make sense, as though they were part of the same song. I liked the randomness of the Korean Version, so I think the Japanese is not as fun.
It’s irritating to go to the extent of making excuses/ steam is coming out from my head/ po po po!/ that person is going to be destroyed very soon/ drinks too, yaho yah ho ho / rokkugo, rokkugo, rokkugo/ don’t mind/ rokkugo, rokkugo, rokkugo/ don’t mind

The choreography is very much the same. Some of the moves are different, but most of them are identical.

There isn’t really a story to this MV, and it isn’t particularly interesting visually. You see a cartoon guy who is having a hard time find a fan for the 65th floor. He goes up and then the real people start dancing. At the end he is just goofing off with the other employees. It isn’t enough to call a story. Everything is set with green screen, and it is all white and red in the background, so it really isn’t that much fun to look at.

Other Interesting Things
I like the Korean version a lot better, it felt more produced and was more fun to watch.

The Japanese version of Rokkugo was filmed after Super Junior T disbanded, but the costumes for the members are similar.

I have the Japanese version with English subtitles, but it has disappeared on YouTube, sorry! I downloaded it a long time ago and didn’t realize it had been taken down.

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