Rokkugo (Korean Version)- Super Junior T

This (these) is (are) the only music video(s) by Super Junior T. They were disbanded after one mini-album and replaced with Super Junior H, but this song is still performed at every Super Junior concert, as by itself it reached high popularity.

I’m reviewing the Japanese and Korean version separately, since they have absolutely none of the same shots.

How do you even review the lyrics??? The song title is the Korean word for “Backwards” written backwards. The entire point of the song is that nothing makes sense. No two phrases go the same direction, and that is how the song is supposed to go. It is the kind of song that makes you wonder what the lyricist was on, but not in a bad way, it’s still a fun song!
A bars beer keg/ gives enough Rice Wine/ it’s all telepathy/ kiss, kiss, kiss!/ Ah I like it, I like it!/ the watermelon claps/ lets sing it again/ Rokkugo, Rokkugo,Rokkugo/ say it faster/ Rokkugo, Rokkugo, Rokkugo/ say it faster

The dance is as disjointed as the song, but ti works. It’s bouncy and silly.

There isn’t exactly a story to this MV. There are background images, that is totally true, but none of the mini-videos are connected. In the first one man is picking up a girl and they drive off together, in the second a teacher and student are arguing violently and end with wrestling, and in the third a girl is playing a whack-a-mole kind of game with the members as the moles.

Other Interesting Things
In the first video when the leader Leeteuk is picking up a girl the other members are pretending to be staff on a filming set. The “girl” is member Heechul is drag.

Some of you may recognize the girl playing whack-a-mole. She is the well-known DJ/News Anchor for Arirang, a global radio and television network (who also upload everything on YouTube).

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