Show Me Your Love- Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior

Anyone who has seen really any program with an SM Entertainment band knows that the senior band helps to promote the younger band early on. For example: Super Junior members hosted a lot of the early shows with SNSD in them to help promote their sister group, and SHINee has been helping to promote F(x). Well, this video is Dong Bang Shin Ki promoting Super Junior, who had debuted 1 month before this was released.

The song is about being in love with a girl, and wanting her to show that she is in love with them too. They repeatedly ask her to show her love so they can be a couple.
Just show me your love (show me your love)/ words I want to say to you/ are so many/ just for today, look at me/ in my eyes I’ll be holding you/ I’ll go anywhere (go anywhere)/ in your warm eyes/ I’m falling in/ I’m just happy having you near me/ during this winter that has silently approached

There is no coordinated dance for this song, probably because Super Junior members and DBSK members total 17, and the set they used was not large enough.

There isn’t a story to the MV itself. It was filmed at Lotte World when it was decorated for Christmas, so the set is very much that of a winter wonderland.

Other Interesting Things
This song is part of a special Christmas album featuring the two groups.

Like I said, DBSK helped to promote Super Junior after debut. The MV combines the two groups, with no one shot being just DBSK or Super Junior.

The groups in the MV are built around real-life relationships between the members of DBSK and Super Junior, many of whom grew up together. DBSK member Jaejoong and SJ member Yesung were friends before they joined SM Entertainment ( I think they were from the same hometown). Super Junior member Donghae is close friends with DBSK leader Yunho, who is from the same city and was his first friend in SM Entertainment. DBSK member Junsu and SJ member Eunhyuk also are featured, as the two are from the same hometown, were best friends since elementary school, and even auditioned together for SM Entertainment.

This is the only MV in which SM groups help promote one another, and it became very popular. They refer to Super Junior as the “new family”.

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