Sorry, Sorry- Super Junior

If you’ve listened to any K-Pop music you’ve heard this song. It was a complete record-breaker across the boards and had an incredible reception. It still enjoys high popularity and is STILL within the top 20 on music charts, even though it was released March of 2009.

The song is about falling in love, but it isn’t your typical love song. It apologizes for falling in love with the girl first, before she had the chance to fall for them. They talk about how much they love the girl and how cool they think she is. The song is fast-paced and has an almost arrogant tone. A warning: the fast pace, strong beat, and repetitive lyrics WILL get this song stuck in your head for long periods of time.
Sorry sorry sorry sorry/ I I I first fell fell fell/ for you you you baby/ shawty shawty shawty shawty/ it’s dazzling dazzling dazzling/ it’s breathtaking breathtaking breathtaking/ I’m going crazy crazy baby

The dance for this song is as famous as it is, maybe even more so. It was choreographed by Nick Bass, a famous US artist who has worked with artists such as Justin Timberlake. The dance is actually partly to blame for the song being so addicting. I’m not joking about the fame- every time I’ve heard someone say they like Super Junior everyone in the area who knows of the band does the Sorry, Sorry pose.

No story beyond the lyrics, sorry

Other Interesting Things
I’ve never heard of a song taking people by storm to the degree this one did. It spent 13 weeks consecutively as the #1 song on all Korean music charts. For over 37 weeks it was #1 on Taiwanese and Fillipino charts. The only song that managed to knock it down was Super Junior- M’s “SuperGirl”, then “Sorry, Sorry (Answer)”. SJ still performs the song at concerts.

Seriously, if you haven’t heard this song you should give it a listen. There is a reason Super Junior swept every music award they were nominated for with this song. In a dorm tour the members revealed they received so many awards they did not have a place to keep them. Most awards were placed on top of tables, shelves, and windowsills, but they were so numerous that eventually the members started keeping the flatter ones under desks.

This is the first song Super Junior promoted without member Kibum, who appears in the MV but has not promoted with SJ since Super Show 1 back in 2008.

This song is to Super Junior as “Gee” is to SNSD. It has been mimicked as many times on as many programs. A prison in the Philippines had their inmates dance to this song, and the video of this became a sensation online.

It was through these promotions that Super Junior’s ELF fanclub grew by hundreds of thousands of members. They now have over 1,000,000 members and ELF is the largest official fanclub in the world.

Incidentally, this is also the first Super Junior song I ever heard. A girl I knew in High School sent this to me via MSN the day it came out. It got stuck in my head and so I got the CD (actually, I got SJM’s CD on accident and finally figured out that SJM was not SJ about 3 months later).

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