Twins (Knock Out)- Super Junior

This is another MV that is technically by Super Junior 05, as the name Super Junior refers to the group after member Kyuhyun was added.

This was the debut song for Super Junior/ Super Junior 05. It had a lot of controversy with it, but this time the controversy was started by the government, not the members themselves or the fans.

The song is a remake of the British song “Twins”. It is a rock-style song with a fast and hard beat. It is about having broken up with someone and hating yourself for not being able to move on. The lyrics bounce between this rage and the feeling that they can’t give the girl up, she is the only one for them.
No that’s not it (no that’s not it)/ she’s the only one for me/ the hidden shadow of my heart/ puts me into the clutches of uncomfortable darkness/ I need to be stronger (I need to be stronger)/ This isn’t me, yeah yeah/ I’ll keep on fighting until the other side of me dies/ Knock out/ Destiny always leads to the right path/ knock out/ It doesn’t matter how hard you struggle/ knock out/ accept that you can’t do this fight because/ she will never rely on you/ I wanna knock out/ no, I’ll just reject everything/ knock out/ we’re living by compromising/ I wanna knock out/ for all that I desire/ I’ll fight until the end/ reason is, I’m alive

The dance is very strong and has a lot of popping. It is meant to show off the power of SJ as the largest boy band in the world. A lot of the dance is in a pyramid formation, as that was the popular method to show off the members and make everyone fit on stage.

There is no story to the MV.

Other Interesting Things
I think SJ had one of the hardest debuts out there~ let me explain why:

Super Junior originally had a different lineup. Member Ryeowook replaced a different member who chose to remain a trainee. The other member was featured in the pre-debut showcase, but left. Ryeowook joined Super Junior and recorded quickly after joining SM Entertainment. He has the shortest training period of any SM Entertainment singer with only 2 months between him becoming a trainee and debuting with the members. He revealed his own worries recently about debuting so quickly. When a member told him to practice the dance more after their first practice together Ryeowook stayed the night at the company and memorized the entire choreography in one night.

Three members suffered injuries immediately before debut. Member Kangin suffered from an injury to his leg (either it was to the muscle or broke his leg, I don’t remember). He danced in their debut stage with only a brace on. Member Yesung suffered from a kidney stone at that time as well (He said that he ignored the pain from it until it had grown too large and had to have an operation to remove it). He was supposed to be hospitalized, but refused to miss performances and so would give himself his injections in the bus between schedules. Member Hangeng fractured his wrist during practice. Due to fatigue and normal body aches when learning the dance he did not notice the seriousness of his injury. He ended up having to have surgery on the area and wore a wrist brace through much of the promotions.

The main controversy that arose from this was with Hangeng. He was the first foreigner ever to debut as a singer in Korea. SM Entertainment and Hangeng thought a normal residence visa would allow him to perform. However it was discovered that the residence visa only allows one to appear on 3 stations. SM Entertainment was fined a large sum of money for this. Hangeng was told he would have to leave Super Junior since he could not perform with the members. Hangeng came up with a compromise of wearing a black mask and a hat during performances. The song was re-choreographed so that he was no longer at the front, though he still performed. Hangeng continued to sing his lines, and members in the front would lip-sync to cover for him. This continued for two months. Hangeng revealed that it caused both him and Super Junior members great pain. The members would do a special cheer for him before he went on stage and he cried to himself a lot during this time. This continued until member Heechul pulled Hangeng to the center of the stage after a performance and removed his mask for the fans to see. Since then the Korean government has established a Performance Visa that allows foreigners to perform without restrictions.

Here is an early performance where you can see Hangeng’s mask and the members lipsync to cover his performance. In this performance Heechul is lip-syncing for Hangeng.

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