U (Chinese Version)- Super Junior M

This is the debut MV for the widely popular sub-group of Super Junior. It is a re-make of Super Junior’s first smash hit by the same name.

The song is about being madly in love with a girl and being unable to get her image from their eyes. They ask that she lets them be the one to love her and says that they will make her love them and only them. It is a seduction song, pure and simple.
Cause I can’t stop thinking ’bout U girl/ you are my most beautiful dream/ No I can’t stop thinking ’bout U girl/ I want our hands to be held tightly together

The song has some of the original choreography from Super Junior’s version. A lot of the dance is very similar, but still different. The hip thrust is still there, it was known as the key point in the original song too. There are two dance solos, one by leader Hangeng and the other by new member Henry. I like to watch Henry’s more, since he is dancing while playing the violin (his specialty) ^^

There isn’t a story through the MV. You mostly see the group performing or the members dancing. There is a girl in the MV, but she is only in a few shots. The MV was filmed in-studio and also in Incheon International Airport in Seoul. The two locations look amazing, particularly the airport. Before I watched the behind the scenes I would never have guessed that is what it was!

Other Interesting Things
This song made “Only 13”, the members of Super Juniors fanclub who protested Henry and ZhouMi being added to the sub-group, act up. While most of their protests were during Dont’ Don (in which Henry was a “Guest Member” of Super Junior), they still caused some trouble during this.

“U” became instantly popular in China, as did Super Junior- M. They swept all music awards they were nominated for and won several “Best New Group” awards on top of that.

U promotions showed a unique side of the members not seen in Korea. Because of the language gap the members could not freely speak. Usually active members Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were nicknamed the “Silent twins”, and Ryeowook is still called out on programs for spacing out during recording. Normally serious member Siwon showed more and more of his playful side, and silent and reserved member Hangeng finally found his voice in China. Donghae rose to the language barrier and used it as a way to flirt with the fans- with every introduction on a program he refers to them as his “darling babies”.

Super Junior- M’s popularity after “U” promotions was so high that they were invited to perform at the “Dream Concert”. Only 13 fans were further enraged when they were introduced as “Super Junior” and Henry and ZhouMi came out on stage amongst all Super Junior members (see Rant #1- Only 13 Controversy for details on the issue).

The MV features future F(x) leader Victoria as the lead girl.

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