U (Korean Version)- Super Junior

This is the debut MV of Super Junior as a 13 member group. It is the official debut of new maknae (youngest member) Kyuhyun. The song became Super Junior’s first major hit and won them their first awards as well as several “Best New Group” awards.

Just as in the Chinese version the song is a seduction song. It is about being desperately in love with a girl and says they will make her love them.
Cause I can’t stop thinking ’bout U girl/ I want to be with you/ no I can’t stop thinking ’bout U girl/ Don’t leave me here/ Cause I can’t stop thinking ’bout U girl/ I’m gonna make you mine/ No I can’t stop thinking ’bout U girl/ I want to lock you deep inside me

The song was choreographed by member Shindong! The dance is very strong and shows off a more powerful image than previous dances. The member-named key point of the dance is the hip thrust, which carried over to the Chinese Version. Personally this is some of my favorite choreography for a song.

There is no story beyond the lyrics. you see a girl a the beginning and end who is watching this video, but it is not strong enough to be considered a story. Most of the MV was filmed before a green screen, though some shots were filmed in Korea’s “English Village”- a kind of cultural theme park where many MVs have been shot.

Other Interesting Things
For English Village shots you might notice there are only 12 members. Member Kangin was late for filming due to another schedule. He said on a program that by the time he finally got to the Village filming was over and so he could not be in that part of the video.

They filmed this MV using the same set as they did for their debut MV “Twins (Knock Out)”

The rap was written by members Eunhyuk and Kibum personally.

The girl in the music video is future SNSD member YoonA, who debuted with Super Junior’s sister group a year after this MV was released.

This was Super Junior’s first major hit song, and so they perform it at every Super Show concert. In Super Show 2 they performed Super Junior- M’s remixed version of the song but with the original Korean lyrics.

Believe it or not there was a very minor controversy which arose from this MV. Remember Super Junior’s fanclub being divided by “Only 13 vs Only 15” fans? Well, this MV had a small issue with “Only 12” fans who did not support the addition of Kyuhyun. The movement did not gain much strength though as most members of ELF were just relieved that the Generations of Super Junior 05 were no more (see the Artist Profile for more information).

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