Without U- 2PM

I don’t have much to say towards the intro of this MV, I’ll complain about the fans theories later.

The song is about being left by the girl you love. It is not a song about missing that love which was lost, it is a song about how even though the girl broke their hearts they will move on and be just fine without her. It is an angry song, but it has a great beat.
I’m gonna be ok (gonna be ok)/ I’ll be ok (gonna be ok)/ baby without you, baby without you/ cool without you, even cooler/ I’ll get up/ I’ll live on

This is my favorite dance by 2PM. It is very smooth and fast. It has a slicker style than their other hip-hop oriented dances.

There is no story beyond the lyrics. The set is fantastic though- it is set to look like a city street on a stormy night with the rain falling. I’m going to assume that is supposed to represent washing away the pain of the breakup.

Other Interesting Things
The only fan opinion about this song I will entertain is that it is a kind of sequel to “Heartbeat”. That song talked about the girl being the only reason their heart was beating, and at the end there was the sound of a heart flat-lining which in that review I said could mean moving on. I understand then how this would be the next step from that song- their hearts no longer need her and they are moving on.

Ok, here is where the fans have been getting annoying over the meaning of the songs. First they were convinced that songs “Heartbeat” and “Tired of Waiting” were messages to former leader Jaebum. That was totally wrong, as many fans recognized, since all 2PM did after his departure was re-record the songs to cover his part. Now, with this song, more theories swarmed the web saying this was yet another secret message to Jaebum, and more fans got on the band wagon. How long is it going to take before the fans stop seeing secret codes in the lyrics of love songs? This is a great song, leave it at that.

I really can’t say enough about the dance for this song- it is really cool!

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