Wonder Boy- Super Junior

This MV was filmed specifically for Super Junior’s “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys” movie. It is the OST for the film.

The song is about seizing your dreams and not letting anything stop you. It is a song about having confidence, and it’s really good. It wouldn’t have worked as a promotional song I think, since those types of songs usually are too kiddie-pop to compete with others, but it’s still a good song.
There could be sad memories that make you cry/ Don’t forget that you have a shoulder to lean on in this world/ I have the whole world in my heart/ Let’s keep running/ for tomorrow, for the future/ to become a shining light under the sun/ wonder boy yeah

The dance is kind of massive. A lot of it is done standing in a relatively small space, since the dance features TONS of extras from the movie (I think everyone who played a student is there) and was filmed on a soccer field. The dance is pretty simple to follow.

Watch the movie, that is the story. the MV itself doesn’t have one in it, but it is meant to be taken with the film.

Other Interesting Things
The sneaky-ness of SM Entertainment is strong in this MV. When most of the extras break off to the sides and just Super Junior members are dancing one extra stays close to the main group, this is future Super Junior “Guest Member” and Super Junior- M member Henry.

The panda is another sneak-in. In the movie itself member Ryeowook donned the Panda suit and played that role (he was the only member with 2 roles and between them appears more than anyone else), but someone else was going to have to wear it for the MV filming. The suit was used to hide someone who wasn’t supposed to be at the filming: Super Junior leader Leeteuk. Leeteuk was hospitalized with member Kyuhyun after being severely injured in the April 2007 car accident. He injured his back and forehead in the accident and received over 150 stitches. Leeteuk was released from the hospital and put on immediate rest. He wanted to participate in the filming for the movie but was not allowed. On the last day of filming (when they filmed this MV) he used a fan website to look up the filming location and drove there himself (in the behind the scenes you see him arrive and show off his heavily bandaged back). He was put in the Panda suit and allowed to film. At the end of the MV the members caught him and took of the mask to show off their leader. This gave rise to the popular belief that it was him in the Panda suit throughout the movie, but he was only in the MV.

One of the extras in the MV is future SHINee member Key, who made his debut a year after his MV was filmed.

This MV gained great popularity as it was Super Junior’s first after the series of car accidents from late 2006 to early 2007.

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