Yoohak (Studying Abroad)- Xing

This song is by Generation 2 of Xing, for those of you keeping track. This means it features all original members save Marumir (Kibum) and has Poppin Dragon, a future Beast member.

The song is about having been left by the girl you love. The lyrics talk about remembering the girl wherever they go. The one studying abroad is either the singer (who talks about going places she is not to try and forget) or it is the girl (since they also talk about going to places they went with her).
Even when I walk/ it is like a field of thorns/ and even when I close my eyes/ I can see your face clearly/ Even when I walk to places/ it doesn’t mean anything to me/ I go to places where you were not/ and where there is no memory of you

Xing isn’t a dance group, so there is nothing here

Story: 5/5
They definitely filmed this MV in England. The scenery is beautiful! You see each member walking the streets alone as though they are looking for the girl even in these unfamiliar surroundings. The beginning shows them at the airport, clearly reluctant to leave without her.

Other Interesting Things
I just really love the scenery here. While the lyrics aren’t very clear as to which of the two is studying abroad, and the title seems a bit disjointed from the song, the song itself is really pretty.

I don’t have much to say here. Xing Generation 2 was short lived and so there isn’t much you can say about them, they didn’t last long enough to make any kind of story for themselves.

As with a lot of Xing MVs, only the english subbed survived, so I don’t have the original to share with you.

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