Announcement- TV Reviews

Alright, I’m going to set out a standard for the television reviews before I start.

Here is how they are going to work: First I will describe the overall plot of the show, this is what I wanted to clarify for you:

A lot of English shows just keep going until the series is canceled with one main story theme. Cartoons especially do this a lot. I’m going to review the entire series for these, not individual seasons.

Some shows have a defined plot for each season, and it changes per season. A lot of foreign shows do this, but dramas have begun to follow a similar pattern now too. For these I will review individual seasons so long as the plot is distinct from the rest of it.

Don’t worry, I will put either “Season Review” or “Series Review” with the title, I just wanted to let you know before I start. An example of how this will work is that “Futurama” will be a series review, but “Dexter” will be a season review.

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