Doctor Who- Series Review

This cult classic took a 10 year break from the air. It was brought back in 2005 by BBC and continues the original theme of the series. It is considered the most successful television show of all time as well as the longest running show. Doctor Who premiered in 1963 and ran continuously until 1984, when they took a 2 year break from filming. The series then ran from 1986-1989. I’ve not seen the original seasons myself, so I am going to review the 2005-2010 seasons.

Series 1 Doctor (Chris Eccleston) and season 1 and 2 companion Rose

Doctor Who is about a mysterious man known only as “The Doctor”. Since 1963 he has never said his real name on a program, and has said he does not know why he is called the Doctor, just that he simply is. In the new series you learn about the Doctor along with his companion. Since the original series there has always been at least one person who the Doctor brings with him on his adventures.

The Doctor series 2 (David Tennant), Captain Jack, and series 3 companion Martha Jones

The series starts by following Rose Tyler, a young woman who makes a living working retail in a clothing store in London. One night Rose is attacked in the basement of the shop by the mannequins there. She is saved by a man who only calls himself the Doctor. He helps her escape, tells her to run, and then blows up the entire store. The Doctor reappears in Roses life the next day when he is tracking a plastic mannequin arm to her house. Rose gets pulled in on the Doctors quest to find and destroy an alien hidden somewhere in London with the ability to take over and control plastic.

After this adventure he invites her to travel with him, as he has been without a companion for a long time and is kind of lonely. The series follows the Doctor with his companions, each of whom eventually leave for some reason or another (be it choice or force).

The Doctor series 4 (David Tennant) and companion Donna

The Doctor, you learn as the series progresses, is an alien creature called a “Time Lord”. They look exactly like humans, but have two hearts and a highly developed brain. These Time Lords controlled and kept order in the universe through all of space and time due to their command of the “TARDIS”, ships that can travel in space and time. When this series begins, however, the other Time Lords are all dead, and the Doctor is the last of his kind with the only TARDIS in the universe. He continues to fight to protect humans and aliens from their enemies. The original series included all of the Time Lords, their absence is only in the 2005-2010 series. Something you learn eventually is that the Time Lords were killed in a war with the Daleks. The Doctor did something to destroy both the Time Lords and Daleks, locking them in a pocket of time they could never escape from and no one could ever get to. He therefore considers himself guilty of genocide and tries to do what is right in order to make up for his crimes.

The Doctor series 5 (Matt Smith) and current companion Amy Pond

the acting in this series has to be the best I’ve seen on Television. The first Doctor from the new series was played by Christopher Ecclestein, then David Tennant, and currently Matt Smith holds the coveted role (If the Doctor is close to death he “regenerates” his body, saving his life but changing his physical appearance. This was created in the original series to cope with actors leaving eventually). There is no end to the high quality acting, and that is what allows the series to continue year after year with as much popularity as it earned in the 1960s. The companions are just as brilliant, ranging from former British pop singers to actors to comedians. Each companion has their own story and reasons for traveling with the Doctor. Currently, for the first time in the new series, the Doctor is traveling with a married couple: companion Amy Pond and her husband Rory Pond (he had to admit that after they married she would not take his name, but he would probably take hers).

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