Futurama- Series Review

This was kind of a cult favorite among teens a few years ago. It ran for only 4 seasons and a few movies came through from it.

For the most part this is just an easy comedy. There is no complex overarching storyline, it relies on an episode-by-episode conflict to drive the plot.

L-R: Dr. Zoidburg, Leela, Fry, Bender, and The Professor (Fry's Nephew)

The main character is Phillip Fry (mostly called just “Fry”). He was a pizza delivery boy in 1999 when, on New Years Eve, he received a prank delivery order for “I.C.Weiner” at a cryogenics lab. Fry isn’t the brightest and doesn’t figure out what happened until he is already in the lab. He decides to just sit down and take a break as the clock strikes midnight. His chair falls and he ends up accidentally trapped inside one of the cryogenic tubes set for 1000 years.

Fry is unfrozen in the year 3000. He ends up tracking down his only living relative: a 160 year old mad scientist who is a however many great-grand nephew. Fry joins the nephew’s financing operation: an inter-planetary delivery service.

The series follows Fry, his crush the cyclops Leela, his best friend Bender who is an alcoholic robot, Hermes the Jamaican bureaucrat who handles finances, Amy the rich intern to the Professor and Dr. Zoidburg, the failure crustacean who knows nothing about human physiology. Most episodes revolve around issues with a delivery or other adventures Fry gets into as a fish-out-of-water in the year 3000.

This show is good for a few easy laughs. I loose interest quickly when I sit down and watch it straight out, but if you use it as background noise when working on the computer you will like it a lot more. It doesn’t take much thought to follow. I tend to watch it while playing a computer game or something. You get the whole plot without being bored.

It was written for teens, which is very apparent. There are a lot of dumb jokes that are your typical slapstick American comedy.

This is from the creator of “The Simpsons”. The animation style is similar, and there are a few jokes that carry over.

Normally I would rate the acting and directing, but I don’t do that for animated programs.

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