Dinner for Schmucks

Ok, I know I said I would only review shows tonight, but I really need to make sure you guys know about this movie before you do anything rash, like go see it.

Apparently it got great reviews in the papers. I don’t read the reviews, but that is pretty much why my dad wanted to go see it after my mom suggested a movie. True, it’s got Steve Carrell in it but… let me cover that later.

The plot of the movie is very basic and pretty generic. A guy who wants to get ahead in life to impress his beloved girlfriend needs to impress the boss to get a promotion. The boss will give him the promotion if he manages to land a huge client and if he attends a special dinner hosted every month by the executives in which each person brings an idiot and at the end of the night an award goes to the biggest loser of the group (they are told it is a prize for the coolest person). He meets Barry (Carrell), an idiot who is well meaning and decides to bring him, the whole time wrestling with his conscience over the dinner. His girlfriend gets mad at him for even considering it and leaves him. I won’t give away the ending.

Acting: 0/5
Oh my god. Seriously. Oh my god. I’ve never (thinks about “Jumper” and Christensen)… I’ve almost never seen a movie with acting this bad. But the problem is I can’t tell if that was the actors fault or if that is really how the characters were written. I’m completely speechless….

This has to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen (thinks again about “Jumper”)… This has to be one of the worst movie’s I’ve ever seen. No matter how much I hate a movie I stay to the end. In 19 years I have only walked out of the theater on 2 movies. 1) Pearl Harbor, and 2) Where the Wild Things Are. If I wasn’t with my parents I can honestly say that after 15 minutes I would have walked out, and nothing that happened in the movie made me change my mind. In fact the whole last hour of the film I was staring at the exit sign.

This movie is poorly written to say the least, it is under-directed, over acted and just all around crap. Hell, even Jeff Dunham isn’t funny, and he’s hilarious. Steve Carrell is obnoxious to the point where I was willing to kill to leave that movie, and it never changed. There are maybe 3 points where I giggled, but even then it was out of pity.

I’ll say one thing in favor of it: the character of Darla, the lead’s psycho stalker, really helped me to understand that there *are* times when it is appropriate for a man to punch a woman in the face.

Never watch this movie. Not even when it is on TV and you will either have to see this or watch Barney. I’m really astonished that this cast brought about such a horrific story. DO. NOT. SEE. THIS. FILM. The only way it could have gotten worse for me is if they used the director from “Mama Mia” and Hayden Christensen (oh how I hate thee~~~~~) was even so much as an extra.

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