Announcement- Help?

I was thinking of this as I was reviewing. I put links to subbed versions of each of the MVs I review. I’m singling out the subbed versions since for 99% of the MVs I’ve reviewed I’ve posted an un-subbed version courtesy of the group’s entertainment companies YouTube page, so it is official and won’t be taken down.

I can’t always look back at all the MV’s I’ve reviewed, and I was thinking about the english subtitled MV’s I include in each link (If they are still there). Sometimes YouTube takes down videos, so some of the subbed ones might not be there anymore when you come across them. If a link is broken, please let me know and I will find a new subber for it.

My secret to posting comments is pretty simple, you have 3 choices:

1) Post a comment using your name (or make a username) and e-mail. You won’t get any e-mails from my site or ever, and they don’t sell e-mails. You will only get an e-mail if you tell them to notify you of follow up comments or replies by me.

2) Use a fake name. Like I said, they don’t e-mail you ever, but if you don’t want to risk getting spammed (I never have been) then you can make up a fake name and use that name They don’t check. You can even borrow my favorite username: “Augusta Schlendorf” (what? It’s fun to say…) and my favorite fake e-mail of “”.

3) Do a search. Whenever you do a search from my page I can see exactly what you were looking for. You can do a search for that song with “link broken” at the end, and I’ll fix it for you.

For the record all of these things work when leaving any comment as well, so feel free to use them wherever ^^

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