Announcement- Movie Review Format Introduction

Ok, I’m sitting here with a stack of movies (like 6) that I will start my movie reviews with tonight and finish tomorrow. But first I wanted to let you all know how this will work.

I watch more movies than TV shows, so there are literally a few hundred at least that I could review. I’m therefore avoiding reviewing movies like “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”. Movies that were mainstream and mega-hits I will try to stay away from reviewing (If I review one it’s probably because I didn’t know it was more well known). I’m a fan of sci-fi and comedy, so you’ll see a lot of my own personal favorite movies or movies from those genres here.

Again, I’m not reviewing every movie I’ve seen, just ones that I have a particularly strong opinion of one way or another.

I’m going to start plot reviews with what the DVD box says the movie is about, so copyright where copyright is due. After that if I feel the DVD description was lacking I’ll try to elaborate on it (in most cases I think I will).

I’ll review acting and directing, then mention anything else I thought was good. It is going to be a lot like MV reviews then. I couldn’t do TV shows like I wanted to so I’m not very happy with the reviews I did do (You can’t review directors for shows since they tend to change per episode).

Tomorrow I will focus on mini-series and made for TV movies. That is where I will review Torchwood’s “Children of Earth” for those of you interested (I have to watch it again tonight).

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