The Birdcage

I think this might have been more popular on TV than in theatres, since just about every time I turn on the TV it is on one channel or another (or on Demand).

Plot: 5/5
Lies and deception- it’s all in the family when Robin Williams must convince his future in-laws that he’s as upstanding and uptight as they are.

Armand (Williams) and Albert (Nathan Lane) have built the perfect life for themselves tending to their gaudy Miami nightclub. But their tranquility is shaken when Armand’s son announces that he’s getting married to the daughter of ultra-conservative Senator Keeley (Gene Hackman)… and they’re all getting together for dinner! Can Armand and Albert transform themselves into Mr.- and Mrs. – Family Values in time? It’ll take the performances of their lives, but they’ll do anything- and everything- to pull the chiffon over Keeley’s eyes!

This description isn’t bad at all. The movie takes place almost entirely during this dinner, and it has some of the best one-liners I’ve heard (“So this is hell… And there’s a crucifix in it.”). Williams and Lane are a brilliant duo as the gay couple, and anyone can appreciate the originality of the idea.

Acting: 5/5
No one plays characters that do not fit their normal type, save perhaps Hackman, who is quite funny. Williams is unusually serious as Armand, but he has moments where he is brilliantly funny. I don’t know what to say, since no one offers surprises, but it’s still a good movie to watch.

Directing: 5/5
This is another film where the directing does a pretty good job of going unnoticed. Visually this movie isn’t special at all, the humor comes from the dialogue again. This is the best balance between intellectual and dumb humor. I don’t know who the writer is or from where, but it has a good feel of Canadian humor (I’m coining this phrase based off of the Canadian shows I’ve seen).

Other Things
The set is kind of bright and gaudy for me, but it still works well with the theme of the movie. Like I said, I like it. I don’t love it over other comedies, but I like it.

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