Reverse Stalking- Answering Your Questions

Ok, I’ve gotten two questions via searches. One I noticed a few days ago, but I was waiting for more than one to do a post. From the searches I can guess which reviews and such you were looking at, so I’ll post that as a reminder to anyone who doesn’t know.

1) Meaning of “Asfixiating”
Review: No Ttaemune (Because of You)- After School
Asfixiating is kind of like suffocating. The dictionary definition is to “loose conciousness by impairing normal breathing”

2) How did Ryeowook loose weight before debut?
Review: Artist Profile- Super Junior KRY
I don’t think he’s ever specifically said how, just that he exercised very hard and worked to loose the pounds.

The other searches I’m showing in my records were not specific, though someone was looking for “SJM’s Maknae Henry”. If you want posts with him in it there are a few:
1) Any SJM MV review
2) Artist Profile- Super Junior M
3) Don’t Don- Super Junior
4) Rant #1- Only 13 Controversy
5) Rant #8- Super Junior M Rumors

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