Announcement- Erm… Haha *nervous laugh*


So that’s all the movies I’ve watched recently…

Let me explain a little: I really want to work in production of variety shows or MVs, so when I watch videos online that is primarily what I do. I follow only a couple of shows regularly and don’t really watch movies all that often. Maybe later I’ll have a stroke of brilliance and review some more movies and TV shows, but I don’t like to review something unless I’ve seen it recently, and you have to acknowledge that it is way easier to refresh on a 4 minute long MV than on a film or entire TV series, so please understand.

I leave for Seoul next week, so my posts are going to get a bit more sporadic. I still plan to spend the rest of this week catching up with my English MVs.

One last thing: I’ll be posting fewer Artist Profiles than I anticipated. I was looking through the groups I need to post profiles for (Those with more than 2 MVs) and I really don’t know much about these groups. I like to post behind the scenes info on albums and I usually do a little research on the members of the group for the member profiles, but a lot of the international fan forums I visited you have to be a member to see anything like that. I am a member of about 4 forums, and other than to find info for these profiles I never visit them again, so I think that is a pretty pointless strategy. I’ll therefore only post profiles on groups who have done a variety show or two following just that group  (it is more common than you probably think). Right now I’m watching a documentary on Beast, so they’ll probably get the next Artist Profile, just FYI.

I’ll try to review more movies and TV Shows at some point, and I’ll probably get one or two of each before I take my month-or-so hiatus from reviewing material, but please know I am trying.

Oh, and THANKS TO EVERYONE for all the comments and pingbacks (linking back to my blog from their page)!!!! I really love to read comments and it’s nice to see this page finally getting some action there! I hope everyone enjoys reading and commenting as much as I enjoy writing these reviews! Sometimes the information I put might not be right (as was the case with the Torchwood series review), if you leave a comment telling me something is wrong I address it immediately and put a note in the review that I have amended it. I’m especially thankful for these kinds of posts, as they let me fix any errors on the site ^^

Thanks again for reading!

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