Announcement- I Didn’t Forget

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that I am still working on FT Island reviews.

A lot of you are new, so you might not have been around when I made the first announcement about this. I reviewed the story part of 2 FT Island MVs poorly because they did not make much sense, but I have since come to realize that instead of doing 2 2-part story MVs, all of FT Island’s MVs up until “I Hope” (And excluding any Japanese or English MVs) fit together to form a giant story. Somehow I didn’t notice it before.

I’m therefore throwing out all reviews (Except for “I Hope” and the English one I have) and doing a re-review of them all. I still need to track down some with English subtitles, then put them in order and watch them as a group to see what the story is. I have a theory, but I won’t review them until I am more certain.

It’s been a while since I noticed this and let you know, and I didn’t want you to think I forgot.

Other than that I hope you are all ready for a round of reviews! Before I was working off of all my MVs with English subtitles, now I’m switching to the folder of MVs in English, so yay!

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