Bad Girl- Beast

Ok, so before I get to all those English language MVs I’ve been downloading I wanted to do one last check for subbed MVs I passed up (and I got a new one or two).

Lyrics: 2/5
I took off points for a couple of different areas. The first thing I took 1 point off for was the theme of the song. It is about being left by the girl you love and begging her to come back. They did make the song fast paced, as though they were showing off to the girl to try and convince her to come back, so that kept it from loosing 2 points. The song says some good stuff, lines you don’t heart often (such as “I only hated you for one day, then I missed you”) and it could be good if not for-

-the English. I took off 2 points for this, and I really am thinking about going back and taking another. The reason I rated this song is I felt like I should punish it somehow for this. Beast likes to put a lot of English in their songs (Which is actually kind of odd, they don’t have any native English-speaking members as far as I know). I’ve never had a problem with it before this song. The English they use doesn’t make any sense. For example there is a line at the beginning “I wanna come to me girl”… ?

I don’t think it fits the song very well. A lot of it seems almost separate, while other parts of it are almost verbatim. I really don’t like what I’ve nicknamed the Superman dance, it’s early on and you can’t miss it.

Story: NA
There is kind of a story in the lyrics, but mis-use of English distracted me so I’m not quite sure what that is either. The stage is oddly familiar, I  think I counted two sets that are almost identical to those in F.CUZ’s “Jiggy”… In fact, the angles on the camera are the same in the two as well…. I wonder if they had the same director…

Other Things
Well now I’m distracted by the similarities with F.CUZ’s “Jiggy”…

The costumes are ok, I like the white ones a lot, but the mirror necklace on KiKwang has to go. it is distracting, and the paneling on it causes it to reflect light in such a way that it looks like something black on his chest got the mosaic treatment… It’s cool, but it makes my eyes hurt after a while…. And the members wearing hats in the scene where they are all in black (stares pointedly at Yoseob) need to stop. It doesn’t look good with the blond hair and the hood pulled up under it. Either show the blond or hide it, but that look really doesn’t suit Yoseob at all.

I’m kind of impaired in my review by being a very new fan of Beast, I don’t know the member’s names yet so I have trouble pointing stuff out on one or more of them… For example: Maknae (youngest, though he kind of looks like the oldest, lol) looks brilliant in this MV, but the member with the mushroom cut really needs a new style.

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