Bouncing Off the Ceiling (Upside Down)- A*Teens

Yeah, I see you there pretending you don’t know this song, stop lying to yourself!

The song is about being so in love with a boy that you can’t think straight. It says that every day you feel like you are literally “Upside down”. Focus in school and grades are all down as they think about the boy and how much they love them.
Upside down, bouncing off the ceiling/ inside out, stranger to this feeling/ got no clue, what I should do/ I’ll go crazy if I can’t get next to you

There is some choreography to this song. It is way more active than you usually see with 90s MVs (I swear, it’s like there was no dancing in the world~) so I should be more understanding that it isn’t completely together and seems a bit simple. They are singer though, not dancers, so I should just cut out the complaints.

Story: NA
The sets are just the members in their room (apparently the girls get the floor and the guys live on the walls) and a club where they are literally dancing on the ceiling. That isn’t enough for a story in my book, so I’m just rating it as a set.

Other Things
For those of you who don’t know, A*Teens are not a US group- every member is Sweedish. I just wanted to say their English is amazing. The other Sweedish group I’ll be reviewing is the same. I never understood how Sweedish singers always manage perfect pronunciation…

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