Bye Bye Bye- N*SYNC

Oh please, don’t sit there and pretend you don’t dance to this song every time you hear it!

It’s about being in love with a crazy girl. The song is hardly a romantic one, like you always hear. It is telling the girl to get the H out and they don’t want her ever to come back. They tell her to stop coming around and ask her for one reason that they shouldn’t leave her.
I know that I can’t take no more/ it ain’t no lie/ I wanna see you out that door/ baby bye bye bye/ Don’t wanna be a fool for you/ just another player in your game for two/ you may hate me/ but it ain’t no lie/ baby bye bye bye/ don’t really wanna make it tough/ I’m just sayin that I’ve had enough/ ain’t no lie/ baby bye bye bye

You know what I just realized? The dance isn’t what I remember. Every dance I went to at school (both of them) and every prom (both of them) they played this song. And every time everyone did the exact same dance. Except that dance doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the choreography…. So how did we all learn and dance to the same thing…. X-Files moment~

Story: 5/5
It’s fine, I guess. The MV shows the girl cutting the members loose 2 at a time (Timberlake is the only one dropped solo) from marionette crosses (The ting puppeteers hold with all the strings). After she dumps them they fall into the real world, where they spend their time trying to escape and hide from her.

Other Things
I don’t really have much to say here, other than a warning about total 90s hair.

This is the beginning of that annoying period Timberlake went through where he was a total diva. He stands out in the dance by wearing different colors from everyone else, and has a solo storyline without sharing by having another member there. I’m not saying I hate Timberlake, but there was a period of a few years there where he was totally diva. He’s back to normal now. I blame it on the “Disney Effect”. That’s that weird thing that happens where anyone affiliated with Disney turns psycho.

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